Welcome Back, Belle’s Acres and J&J Kettle Korn!

Good-for-You Skin Care!

Belle’s Acres is back with nourishing goat-milk soaps and lotions! Located in Cecil County, Maryland, Belle’s Acres’ products are loaded with vitamins and nutrients. Their soaps are made with olive, coconut and palm oils and shea butter. They use steam-distilled essential oils or phthalate-free, skin-safe fragrance oils. Soaps produce a rich and creamy, gentle lather that leaves your skin smooth and soft. Lotions are made with jojoba oil and vegetable glycerin, are non-greasy and healing. Belle’s Acres goat-milk soaps and lotions are wonderful for treating the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

Authentic Hand-Popped Kettle Korn!
J&J Kettle Korn is popped in an open kettle with oil and sugar. It is salted to taste after it is popped, giving kettle corn its slightly sweet, slightly salty flavor. Unlike caramel corn, its flavor is not overwhelmingly sweet. J&J Kettle Korn uses mushroom corn kernels which pop larger, giving it that classic kettle-corn look. A portion of proceeds from all kettle-corn events are donated to charity.

Asian-Inspired, Fusion Cupcakes!
Ah, Twelve Baskets! With flavors like Azukies ’n Cream and Black Sesame Honey, who can resist the exotic combinations? Two cousins who love to bake, and whose grandmother instilled in them an appreciation for food and sense of heritage, have created a unique cupcake business. Their name is based on the Bible story of loaves and fishes…when five loaves of bread and two fish miraculously fed crowds of people, with twelve baskets of food left over. These conscientious bakers, grateful for the abundance in their own lives, give a portion of their profits to mission work overseas.

Playing at the Market Tomorrow…Tom Curtis, Jr.!
Singer/songwriter Tom Curtis, Jr., returns to Media Farmers Market! Check out more about this self-taught guitarist on reverberation.


For a complete list of Media Farmers Market vendors, click here!


See you tomorrow at the Market!

School’s-Out-for-the-Summer Party!

Heat’s On, Summer’s In, and School’s Out!

The first day of summer’s on Saturday, so come celebrate at the Market tomorrow. We have your favorite vendors, live music and fun kids’ activities!

Kids’ concert by local folk singer and songwriter John FlynnJohn Flynn will be at the Market at 3:45 tomorrow. A local favorite, Flynn has a national reputation. With a body of work that ranges from country to story songs, love songs, songs for kids (like “My Brother Ricky’s for Sale,” inspired by a Haverford Township second-grader!), funny songs, and songs of social justice, he has performed with the likes of Arlo Guthrie, Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson, who has sung on several of Flynn’s CDs. Ticket Magazine wrote that “John Flynn is at the near end of a long line of American poets, thinkers and folk artists stretching from Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Walt Whitman, all the way up to Kris Kristofferson.” You don’t want to miss it!

We’ll also have:

Seed planting for the kids!

A kids’ scavenger hunt and prizes presented by the Media-Upper Providence Library! A staff member will be at the Manager’s Table to oversee that, and will also have library info and schedules.

And, of course, Produce Passport at the Manager’s Table, too!

For a Cool Drink on a Hot Day…
…check out ION Sport Juice, a sports drink alternative! Ion Sport is made from 100% real fruits and vegetables. Paralleling the leading sports drinks, it contains the potassium, sodium, and electrolytes that your body needs to support you through any athletic challenge. The best part of all, each bottle is made with organic ingredients!

Vendor Heads Up!
J&J Kettle Korn will be back next week. Owner Jeff Seip is a schoolteacher, so when school’s out for the summer, Media Farmers Market shoppers get Jeff’s amazing kettle korn!


For a complete list of Media Farmers Market vendors, click here!


See you tomorrow at the Market!

Bring the Latin Flavors Home!

Taste of Puebla Joins the Media Farmers Market This Year!

Chef Mariana and husband Cristobal have re-created a little bit of home in Kennett Square with their gourmet Mexican restaurant, Taste of Puebla. And from Kennett Square, they now bring their home’s cuisine to Media Farmers Market every Thursday.

From guacamole, salsa verde and pico de gallo with homemade chips to mushroom, pork, and chicken tamales, stop by their table and see what delicious, south-of-the-border treats you can take home for dinner!

And if You Need Something to Carry It All In…

…check out the new Farmers Market totes! You’ll find them at the Market Managers Table. Just $5!

Thank you to Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union for their generous support!

Reminder: Neil’s Sharpening Service Tomorrow!
Neil’s monthly visit to the Market this month is tomorrow! So bring your knives, scissors, garden cloppers, garden shears, rotary lawn mower blades, reel mower blades, animal clippers, axes and hatchets, planes, drill bits, circular saw blades, chain saw chains….

School’s-Out-for-the-Summer Party Next Week!
Kids’ concert by local folk singer John Flynn! There’ll be seed planting for the kids! Of course, Produce Passport! More details in next week’s newsletter.

For a complete list of Media Farmers Market vendors, click here!


See you tomorrow at the Market!

Bird-Friendly Coffee…!

…And Organic and Fair Trade, Too!

This year, Media Farmers Market welcomes Golden Valley Farms Coffee Roasters, who will be at the Market every other week. Golden Valley Farms coffees come from farms that are certified Bird-Friendly® by the Smithsonian Institution’s Migratory Bird Center. Acquiring this strict certification guarantees that they will not chop down the canopy of trees growing naturally over their coffee plants. This preserves the habitat of birds that would otherwise fly to their seasonal homes only to find them decimated by deforestation. Without this safekeeping, birds die every year by the thousands.

Golden Valley Farms coffees is also USDA Organic certified—committed to providing a high-quality, sustainable product; and Fair Trade certified—helping farmers get better prices to help them keep their kids in school and protect fragile ecosystems.Golden Valley Farms will be at the Market tomorrow, so treat yourself to one (or more!) of their delicious bird-friendly, organic, fair trade coffees!

Business of the Week…Volunteer Energy!
Each week a featured local business has a table at the Market. This week you’ll find Volunteer Energy. Check it out if you’re looking for a lower-cost green alternative!

Playing at the
Market Tomorrow…
Aunt Kay!

Mary Kay Mann performs Celtic harp, voice, whistles and flute!

For a complete list of Media Farmers Market vendors, click here!


See you tomorrow at the Market!