An Apple (or two) a Day….


If you haven’t bit into a local  apple lately, now is the season. The Media Farmers Market offers a huge variety of apples from Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Pennsylvania is the fourth largest producer of apples, and is home of an enticing array from sweets to sour, crispy to hearty. Many varieties can not be found in supermarkets, because these fresh, local apples are not developed to withstand long-distance shipping, but to taste absolutely fantastic.

Some varieties are better suited to eating out of hand, while other varieties thrive being baked into pie of cobbler. Read all about choosing the best apple varieties here. While a fresh, crispy apple is downright delicious, apples also offer numerous health benefits.

The market will be going strong through November 17th!  So spend your fall with us and enjoy all the wonderful tastes of this colorful season.

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