August Delights

Fresh food and lots of fun continue at the Media Farmers Market.

“It is interesting and delicious to watch the different fruits and vegetables come to the market each week,” said Market Committee member Mary Beth Lauer.

The beginning of August marks the end of the blueberry season, but not to worry! Raspberries are already appearing with more to come as September rolls around. Tomatoes, both traditional and heirloom, white, yellow and bi-color corn, cantaloupe, watermelon and honey dew melons are plentiful. Fresh greens are still crisp and crunchy despite the heat.  Fresh peas, okra (it’s good, really!), green peppers and the list goes on.

Healthy breads at both Amaranth Gluten-Free Bakery and Great Harvest, fresh eggs and fresh meats and great cheeses makes for one-stop shopping and you may very well run into an old friend or meet a  new one while mulling over how many ears of corn the family will need this week and enjoying this week’s musical group.

Warm weather soups are available at the market ready to take home and serve the night you buy them.

Don’t forget that your family deserves a treat too.  Try a personally prepared cupcake, or homemade ice cream and freshly backed cookies you would be proud to say came from your own house!

FYI:  Three of the Media Farmers Market vendors, Fruitwood Farms, Herrcastle Farms and Frecon Fruit growers can accept food stamps.  Come to the Market Manager’s table in the center of the market if you need additional information.


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