Bird-Friendly Coffee…!

…And Organic and Fair Trade, Too!

This year, Media Farmers Market welcomes Golden Valley Farms Coffee Roasters, who will be at the Market every other week. Golden Valley Farms coffees come from farms that are certified Bird-Friendly® by the Smithsonian Institution’s Migratory Bird Center. Acquiring this strict certification guarantees that they will not chop down the canopy of trees growing naturally over their coffee plants. This preserves the habitat of birds that would otherwise fly to their seasonal homes only to find them decimated by deforestation. Without this safekeeping, birds die every year by the thousands.

Golden Valley Farms coffees is also USDA Organic certified—committed to providing a high-quality, sustainable product; and Fair Trade certified—helping farmers get better prices to help them keep their kids in school and protect fragile ecosystems.Golden Valley Farms will be at the Market tomorrow, so treat yourself to one (or more!) of their delicious bird-friendly, organic, fair trade coffees!

Business of the Week…Volunteer Energy!
Each week a featured local business has a table at the Market. This week you’ll find Volunteer Energy. Check it out if you’re looking for a lower-cost green alternative!

Playing at the
Market Tomorrow…
Aunt Kay!

Mary Kay Mann performs Celtic harp, voice, whistles and flute!

For a complete list of Media Farmers Market vendors, click here!


See you tomorrow at the Market!

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