European-Style Artisan Breads!

Rye, honey wheat, focaccia, Pullman loaves, whole-grain German loaf with fruit and nuts, plus pies, pastries, and German-style pretzels…and so much more. With two bread vendors at Media Farmers Market, there’s something to suit every taste!

Big Sky Bread Co.!

With whole grains and minimal ingredients, North Wilmington’s Big Sky Bread Co. creates European-style loaves that owner Patrick O’Neill loved from his childhood in the Woodside section of Queens. They’ve become the centerpiece of his business, flanked by other handmade loaves like alpine whole wheat sunflower, honey wheat (one of their biggest sellers), baguettes, and sourdough, to name just a few! Big Sky products are shortcut-free, with no chemicals or hydrogenated oil. Customers note the brevity of ingredients on the bread labels. The one on the Italian peasant bread reads: “Flour, water, salt and yeast.”

O’Neill says he does with ingredients—mixing, temperature and fermentation—what mega-bakeries do with oil and chemicals. The Italian peasant bread ferments for eight hours. A Culinary Institute of America grad, O’Neill has worked at Winterthur, Kennedy Center, Longwood Gardens and a St. Thomas resort, before opening Big Sky Bread Co. over ten years ago. O’Neill says one of the best parts of his business is working with his hands. Check out Big Sky’s table to see all the breads they have to offer…plus pastries and other sweet treats, too!

Jerome Sheehan!
Jerry Sheehan has been baking European breads—crispy, caramelized crust with irregular-sized openings in the crumb—and American pies for five years. Key ingredients: King Arthur unbleached, unbromated bread flour as the base white-bread flour; organic, whole-wheat flour and whole-spelt flour from Daisy Mills, an old stone mill in Lancaster County, PA ; pure raw honey from Lancaster County; and extra virgin olive oil in lieu of butter in the Bavarian pretzel recipe (available in savory and sweet flavors, such as five-seed-encrusted and dark-chocolate-and-dried-cherries).

With a background in international accounting and finance, Jerry has lived and worked in Europe, Mexico, and Manhattan. He loves the food, wine, beer and cultures of Germany, France, Italy and Spain—particularly the breads—so, after 25 years in an office and corporate environment, he decided he wanted to work with his hands, and began to bake breads. See what Jerry has at his table this week. Along with breads and pretzels, you may find focaccia or fruit pies!

Market Basket Winner!
Congratulations to Tom, June’s Market Basket winner! For your chance to fill a basket with farmers market bounty, stop by the Market Manager’s table and fill out a raffle ticket.

Playing at the Market Tomorrow…Tim Simmons!
Drummer/guitarist Tim Simmons of Secret Goldfish plays tomorrow. Check him out at reverbnation!

Summer Sandwiches!

(photo from the blog The Kitchn)

Choose your favorite breads (you know where to find them!), and create easy summer sandwiches with fixings from the Market vendors! A few ideas:

  • Classic tomato
  • Sausage and roasted peppers and onions
  • Grilled vegetables with fresh herbs
  • Chopped salad with black olive spread (Mediterra)
  • Thinly sliced peaches with a drizzle of lemon walnut honey or rosemary fig honey (Taste Artisanal spreads) or Pine Barren honey (Fruitwood) warmed through on a panini press

Possibilities abound…enjoy!


For a complete list of Media Farmers Market vendors, click here!


See you tomorrow at the Market!

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