Friendly Faces

One of the best things about the Media Farmers Market is that it already feels like a rich and vibrant gathering place.  I love that I get see friends and acquaintances from many different walks of life all in one place.   The sidewalk chalk and bubbles entertained my kids as I got to catch up with friends I see too infrequently. But mostly what we chatted about was what we had bought at the market and the yummy meals we would be making with our farm-fresh ingredients.

What’s great about the market though, is that if you want to have friends over for a spur of the moment brunch this holiday weekend and you don’t have the time to pour through your cookbooks, there are many great options for pre-made foods.  My House Cookies can provide the quiche and zucchini bread.  Some yogurt or kefir from Shellbark Hollow Farm and fresh strawberries will round out the meal perfectly.

So continue to spread the word about the market to your friends, neighbors and colleagues.   Each week our farmers will be adding something new as more crops become available as we head into warmer weather.  Let yourself be inspired by the wide selection of local food we have available to us.  We’re so lucky to live in an area that has the perfect climate for growing such a delicious variety of fruits and veggies!

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