Good for business

With farmers’ markets well established all over the country, a lot of evidence has stacked up showing the positive effect farmers’ markets have on local businesses:

  • In a 2002 survey of over 800 customers from a variety of indoor and open air markets around the country it was discovered that 60% of market shoppers also visited nearby stores on the same day. Of those 60% said they visited those additional stores only on days that they visited the market.
  • A recent study conducted by Iowa State University reports that farmers’ markets in the state contributed up to $20 million in sales to the economy and created another $12 million in direct and indirect economic activity.
  • The Buy Fresh Buy Local movement is a growing one. More and more people are searching for a broader selection of local and sustainable products as well as supporting local farmers. By providing our community with additional choices we will be raising the revenues of the surrounding businesses.

Farmers’ markets offer a host of social, economic and health benefits. Farmers’ markets provide a great place to meet and socialize and offer an alternative shopping experience. They draw people out of their homes, help improve neighborhoods and provide an economic stimulus to neighborhoods and downtown districts. Perhaps most important, farmers’ markets increase access to fresh food, give consumers the opportunity to develop relationships with local growers, raise awareness about the food system and promote healthy eating habits.

Being America’s first Fair Trade Town it only feels natural to invite our local Media businesses and our local sustainable farmers and producers to come together to enhance our community, generate awareness, and educate our residents and others about the importance of supporting local establishments and producers.

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