The market manager

The Media Farmers Market Committee has hired Brendan MacCurtin to be the manager for this season. He works with the vendors, the health department, Media businesses and featured artists to ensure a well-functioning event. Look for him at the manager’s table at the entrance of the market; he will be there to help and answer any questions.

Brendan and his wife and three children have lived in the Borough of Media for the last five years. Brendan is a certified Community Mental Health counselor and is currently employed by Elwyn, Inc. He works with youth and families in the Chichester School District.

Brendan is originally from Watertown, NY, a small town just minutes from the Canadian border. While growing up, Brendan knew a number of the farmers who were part of the life of the surrounding area. Brendan and his wife have chosen to have their own children enjoy this same connection to local growers, and they have been members of Community Supported Farms (CSAs) since living in Media.

4 Responses to “The market manager”

  1. amy says:

    yay for Brendan!! I cannot think of a better person to run our market!

  2. Larry Morroni says:

    Just wanted to say I love the website! Really well done and super simple. Great job.

  3. Media resident says:

    Well I can say the farmers market in media is very nice. I like the whole idea but one thing how come the local farm linvilla does not have anything up there yet a farm in jersey has tocome hereyet linvilla has and grows all of what I see up there. Oh and by the way I was a little ticked when a local farmer asked about getting involved and he was told to look at bucks county for farmers markets.
    Like I sAid good idea just don’t appreciate the fairness in what it comes down to is discrimnation.

  4. admin says:

    Media Resident, thanks for your comments. We are constantly in process and review with local farmers, and the application process is open to all local producers. Linvilla has not been excluded, I assure you. We are doing our best to be fair, and we are not discriminating against anyone, but trying to get a good market running in a short period of time. We are a group of volunteers who are doing the best we can, so if you have suggestions for vendors, we’d love to hear them. We do need producers we can count on week after week, and some smaller local vendors decided that they could not produce enough goods for the market on a weekly basis. I encourage you to contact Brendan, our manager directly (managerATmediafarmersmarketDOTcom).