July Market Basket

Tam Mengrine couldn’t have been happier when she found out she was this year’s first winner of the Media Farmers Market’s monthly Market Basket. As the winner, she collected a basket full of contributions from each of the market’s vendors going home with fresh vegetables and fruits, fresh eggs, and cheese, as well as bread and jam as well as coupons for fresh lemonade and French pastries.
“It was exciting,” she said. The family’s weekend meals included many items from the basket’s bounty. Along with salads and steamed broccoli, she even made pickles from the cucumbers. “And of course we ate the eggs for breakfast.”
A fan of farmers markets, Mengine was pleased that Media started one shortly after she moved to the borough. “I think it is very important to eat locally. I love being able to walk and I love the fresh eggs. I wish I could get them all year round.”
Her kids are fans of the lemonade stand that was added this year. The family has already collected several cups. “The kids love the cups and use them over and over,” she said.
Stop by the market and try your luck at winning a basket of local market goodies. Winners are chosen at the last market of each month….another  will be chosen this week!

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