Market Happenings

The long waited for Jersey tomatoes will make their debut at the Media Farmers Market on June 16.  Next to the tomatoes will be cherries that are every bit as sweet as they look, and the last of the fresh asparagus and snap peas. Strawberries are still coming but not for long so shoppers should get them now. Consider freezing some for the long winter to come.  Shoppers can taste lemonade flavored with the market’s strawberries – yum!

Paul Cavanaugh, a regular at the market and one of its biggest supporters because he believes in eating fresh when ever possible, has a great idea. Along with fresh fruits, veggies, cheese and eggs, it would appear Cavanaugh loves Made In the Shade Lemonade so much he has worked out a way to have it all week.  He now brings a pitcher to the market gets it filled to the brim with lemonade so he and his family can enjoy it all week.  After the heat wave Media just sweated through, Cavanaugh has a really great idea.

This is the time of year for salads and the market has everything you will need to make a really delicious fresh salad. Hillside Farm has $4.00 bags of mixed lettuces and  arugula.  There are also spring onions. Head over the Herrcastle and pick up a bag of fresh spinach for $3.00 and pick up a just-picked cucumber from Fruitwood.  Don’t forget the mushrooms!  Mushrooms Café has great tiny button mushrooms as well as interesting variety of other mushrooms you might want to try.

Depending on your cravings this week, there are several different kinds of cheeses you might want to top off your salad with … try the blue cheese at Birchrun Hills Farm, or the feta cheese from First State Creamery – the latter is made with fresh goat’s milk.

Don’t forget dessert.  My House Cookies and pies and Sweet Samantha’s cupcakes are there to indulge in.  Eat a good, healthy dinner and then you deserve dessert!




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