May Market Basket Winner!

May Market Basket Winner!

IMG_1289Congratulations to Ellie, May’s market basket drawing winner!

For your chance to win a basket full of farmer’s market goodies, just stop by the Market Manager’s Table and fill out a raffle ticket.








Coffee and Chocolate…

Coffee from Burlap and Bean

burlapandbean 6.12.13Newtown Square’s Burlap and Bean  offers organic, fair-trade coffee, packaged in a full-pound, sealed bag equipped with a one-way valve to ensure the freshest possible coffee. Burlap and Bean takes pride in selling fair trade coffee to its customers. The owners have partnered with TransFair to assure customers that every farmer was paid a fair wage for his harvest. Bring home a bag of one of their popular roasts, and enjoy a cup while you shop.



Chocolate from Sweet Salvation Truffles

Sweet Salvation Truffles 1 6.12.13As a child, Cheryl Ames, owner of Sweet Salvation Truffles, remembered her grandmother’s refusal to share her coveted Christmas box of chocolate-covered cherries. Not to be denied, Cheryl became a confectionary prodigy and created truffles that put Grandmom’s cherries to shame. As Cheryl grew up, so did her techniques. Her passion progressed over the years through reading, participating in local confectionary courses, and experimenting with ingredients and recipes. Whenever someone new tried her truffles, they would say, “These are great! You should go into business.” So she did. (P.S., these truffles are gluten-free!)




For a Complete List of Media Farmers Market Vendors, Click Here!

See you tomorrow at the Market!


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