Spring veggies

At our early markets we can look forward to cool season crops like lettuce, asparagus, peas, spinach and many delicious herbs and greens. There will, of course, be meats, cheeses, honey, baked items, and other delectable goods available throughout the season.

The harvest will get more bountiful as we reach summer, and by July and August the tables at the market will be brimming with tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet corn, watermelons and other fruits and vegetables picked fresh only hours ago. Here’s a helpful harvest calendar so you know when you can look forward to your favorite local foods.

2 Responses to “Spring veggies”

  1. linda says:

    What a great market! The Strawberries were fantastic, so succulent and sweet. We enjoyed fresh, just picked greens and cheese for dinner last night. We can hardly wait until next week to see what the farmers will bring.

  2. linda says:

    Spring is in full swing at the Market. Sweet dark cherries were available for the first time this season. The first corn is just a few short weeks away.

    Fresh greens from A to Z are available to grace the table and please the palet.

    Grass grazed, free to range the farm (not just under an open shed) poultry, beef, veal and lamb are offered each week.

    Just Baked Organic Bread for every occasion. , Sweet fruit pies, quiche, and cookies just out of the oven for dessert or to take on your weekend holiday.

    There is so much more, All at reasonable prices. I highly recommend coming early to get the very best selection.