New market manager!

Market Manager Joe Fazik and his lovely daughtersJoe Fazik, a borough resident, will assume the important tasks of the Media Farmers’ Market manager in May.

Joe has been living and working in Media for seven years, and grew up in Chester County. He and his wife Susanne have two children who attend Media Elementary School. He has been a sous chef and chef both in the Southwest and around Media, and now has returned to his first career – running an off-set printing press at the Media Copy Center. But he still dabbles in food daily, making lunches at Quotations.

“I have always been into fresh food,” Joe says, “Ever since I had my own garden 15 years ago.” Living in the Berks County area, he rented a farm house with several acres where he grew everything he could.

Because of his connections to borough restaurants, Joe hopes to bring a chef to the market regularly to offer quick cooking lessons using the produce and products found at the market that week.

Joe is committed to the community and to the market, and is looking forward to Opening Day on May 10th!

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