Opening Day May 10

Hillside Farm mid-summer goods


The Media Farmers Market is gearing up for another great season of  farm-fresh fare and homemade goodies.  The Market returns on May 10 this year with many of the same farmers and vendors returning, and some new exciting offerings as well.

Hometown Fresh

Fresh eggs and homemade soup, artisan breads and cheeses, sausage and humanely raised poultry, beef and pork along with to-die-for cookies and pastries and, the freshest vegetables and fruits in season will be available, making each visit to the market a culinary adventure. Freshly made pickles and guacamole help to create the perfect accents as a pre-meal snack for a family, or great party!

New Manager

Joe Fazik will be the market’s new manager.  Already a presence in Media – Fazik is a chef in town – he will be a great addition to the market.  Another Media resident, Allison Messick, will bring her homemade cupcakes and whoopee pies as well as other sweet surprises.

At the market

Early spring offerings will include strawberries that really taste like strawberries and dark green leafy veggies – like kale. Kale is one of the most nutritious vegetables any time of the year. Our website has a delicious kale recipe that may surprise you.

Media Farmers Market is also expanding food-related educational activities for kids and will continue to bring a variety of local musicians and entertainers to the market each week.  Anyone who would like to share their talents on market day, let us know by leaving a message with the market manager.

Please remember that the benefit of fresh produce goes way beyond the market’s convenience. All the produce is picked the day of the market, so it tastes better and is more nutritious. Food products made from local ingredients and made by regional entrepreneurs means we are supporting our region and getting the best quality and freshest food we can give our families, too.


The  Media Farmers Market committee wants to thank the members of Borough Council, the Media Theatre, and the Media Business Authority for its continued support and helping us make the market a success.

See you on May 10 from 3pm to 7pm!

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