Specialties and Specials at Tomorrow’s Farmers Market!

Pelta’s Smoked Specialties!

Lee Pelta of Pelta’s Smoked Specialties has been experimenting with smoked foods since 1986. First it was turkey, then cured chicken, basil-buttered shrimp, and eventually salmon. As Lee developed his mesquite-wood- and alder-wood-smoked fish, he fit in catering jobs between engineering jobs, eventually taking his food business wholesale in 2007. While living in Thailand the past two years, Lee even sold cold smoked salmon to two Danish chefs for their restaurants there. Back in the States, Lee now has a storefront (he bought Stosh’s in Clifton Heights), and has a table at Media Farmers Market every other week (he’ll be here tomorrow), bringing his smoked specialties directly to market shoppers. You can also order ahead by calling 484.461.6204! If you missed Lee’s salmon sliders recipe in a recent newsletter, you can find it on the Media Farmers Market website here.

Celebrate National Waffle Day!

What better way to celebrate National Waffle Day on Monday, August 24, than with your favorite waffle from Waffatopia—and all Waffatopia waffle paks will be $2 off at Media Farmers Market tomorrow. If any one of the waffles in your purchased pak has a special sticker on the back, the whole pak is free! Any purchase also receives a special discount code for use on! They were recently featured on Food Network’s American Food Finds, but Market shoppers are already familiar with the yeast-fermented dough and Belgian pearl sugar that give these waffles their distinctive, mildly sweet, caramelized flavor. Handmade and baked on cast-iron waffle makers, you’ll enjoy these flavors any time of day: classic cinnamon and vanilla, chocolate-stuffed, maple bacon (a customer favorite!), beer waffles (made with Victory Golden Monkey® Belgian-Style Tripel), and lemon blueberry, just for the summer!

New Items and More Vendor Specials This Week!

Cinnamon kettle corn special! J&J Kettle Korn is offering cinnamon kettle corn tomorrow in addition to their classic kettle corn. You don’t want to miss it…this will be a one-time special treat for the Market!

New dumpling flavor! This week International Dumping Company debuts their peaches n’ cream pulumpas! Pulumpas are a sweet dessert ravioli, and these are filled with fresh peaches and sweetened mascarpone cheese. Also this week, they’ll have their summer seasonal pierogi: potato-tomato Swiss. These pierogi have a beautiful red tomato dough filled with a creamy potato, homemade sun-dried tomato and Swiss cheese filling. See the recipe below for a quick meal!

And Bow Wow Treats joins Media Farmers Market this week with dog treats and jerky!

Melons and More at Produce Vendors!

Look for these luscious August vegetables and fruits at the produce vendors tables tomorrow!
E. Fudd & Son: shelled lima beans, butternut squash, sweet Lilliput melons, beginnings of lettuce, Beauregard (orange-flesh) sweet potatoes, and, for a little while longer, baskets of plum tomatoes
Fruitwood Farm: watermelons, cantaloupes, corn, tomatoes,  zucchini, peaches, nectarines
J&J Farm: leeks, watermelons, cucumbers, garlic, peppers, Malabar spinach
Longview Farm: cut greens, peaches, melons, beets, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes


Vendor Update

Meryle at Mushrooms wanted us to pass along that she will be away for the next three markets, but will be back by mid-September!

Library Has Crafts Table for Kids Tomorrow!

The Media-Upper Providence Free Library is back at Media Farmers Market tomorrow with a crafts table for kids. Stop by with your young shopper for some crafts fun…and to get the latest update on the new library construction!

Playing at the Market Tomorrow…Norm LeDonne!

Norm LeDonne and his marvelous guitars are back at the Market tomorrow!

Potato-Tomato Swiss Pierogi with Sun-Dried Tomato Butter

Recipe and photo courtesy of International Dumpling Company


  • 1/4 cup sun-dried tomatoes (drained and dried if in liquid)
  • 2 sticks room temperature butter
  • Kosher salt to taste


Pulse tomatoes in food processor until finely chopped. Add butter and salt. Pulse until combined and whipped.
Gently boil potato-tomato pierogi until all pierogi are floating. Drain. Gently toss in a little melted butter to keep from sticking.
Serve pierogi with a dollop of sun-dried tomato butter.Enjoy!

For the complete list of vendors, visit the Media Farmers Market Vendors page!


See You Tomorrow at the Market!

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