Weekly Superhero!

Every week, before the vendors can set up shop at State and Gayley streets for each Thursday’s farmers market, they have to have a clear space in which to do that!

Enter Thomas.Thomas/Kaleidoscope pic 1

Thomas is a volunteer. Along with his assistant Holly, a behavior specialist at Kaleidoscope Family Solutions, he puts the No Parking signs on each meter in the parking lot so that the Media Farmers Market space is ready to go when vendors and committee members arrive to set up their stands.

It takes many people to make the Market a success, and we’re grateful for Thomas’s and Holly’s involvement.

Kaleidoscope/Thomas pic 2Per Holly, who took these pictures of Thomas, he did his superhero pose because he feels like a superhero helping the community doing his volunteer work!

Kaleidoscope Family Solutions, Inc., provides a collection of services designed to help special needs children and adults achieve their dreams and live meaningful lives. For more info, you can check them out at

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