What’s new!

The Media Farmers Market continues to grow and add new vendors with unique and specialized products. We are happy to welcome Gil Ortale and his Philly-based business, Market Day Canele. According to the Wikipedia definition, a canele is a small, cylinder-shpaed French pastry that is about two inches in height. It has a soft and tender custard center and a dark, thick caramelized crust. Check out Gil’s Facebook page to see pictures of his delicious creations and come to the market this Thursday to experience one for yourself!

The Media Farmers Market also continues to celebrate the thriving businesses of our town.  Our featured business this week will be Lovely You, located at 201 South Orange Street.  Come see what this unique wig boutique has to offer and get to know the women behind it.

So come experience local food and local businesses and get to know the people who are working hard to bring it all to you!

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