Winter Squash Galore!

Tis the season for winter squash! Yum! Winter squash are so named, not because they are grown in the winter, but because they store well into the winter months. Here’s a primer on the varieties that you’ll find at the market this week:

Butternut Squash – A favorite of the winter squash varieties! Sweet, creamy and perfect for soups or as a side (with a little butter and maple syrup!). Butternut squash is has a long storage life so stock up now for Thanksgiving!

Delicota Squash – This yummy squash variety is similar to a sweet potato in flavor and texture…and like a sweet potato, you can eat the skin!

Acorn Squash – The name comes from its shape…it looks like an acorn! They’re rich and creamy and delicious roasted and stuffed with lentils and other veggies. And though they keep for a relatively long time, they’re actually in the summer squash family.

Spaghetti Squash – A nice substitute for pasta! When cooked, this squash falls away from its skin in strands – similar ┬áin shape to spaghetti. Try it with feta cheese and sauteed vegetables.

Have fun at the market this week. Please let us know your favorite winter squash recipes!

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