Q: When did the Winter Market begin?

With the addition of the Winter Market, Media Farmers Market is now a year-round market. The first winter Market began on December 2nd 2018. It will be held on the first and third Sundays from 10am until Noon. The Winter Market hours run through April 7th, 2019.

Q: Didn’t the Market used to take place near the Theater? Why/When did it move?

Yes, the Market used to be held each Thursday evening in the Theater parking lot. Attendance dwindled and customer feedback was that neither the location nor the evening hours were convenient. The market took a year off to explore customer insights to determine a way forward. Significant evidence for continuing the market existed, alternate locations and hours were examined, including analysis of what other communities were doing, in addition to Media community input. In 2018 we entered into partnership with Farm to City and reopened on Edgemont Street between State and Front Streets. The attendance and feedback has been very supportive that this was the right decision.

Q: Where is the MFM located now?

Edgemont Street in Media between Front and State near the Media Elementary School and the Barrall Ball Field.

Q: When is the Media Farmers Market Open?

During our Regular Season the Market is open every Sunday, 10am-2pm, from the first Sunday in May to the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Beginning in December and through April, we switch to our winter schedule: open every 1st and 3rd Sundays, 10am-12pm.

Q: Who is the Market Manager?

Mary Allen is the Market Manager. She can be reached at

Q: Who do I speak with if I want to be a Vendor?

You can contact the Market Manager, Mary Allen, by email: When writing to Mary, please request a copy of the Farm to City Market Rules and Applications. There are two different Applications, one for farmers and one for food artisans, so please indicate which Application you are requesting.

Q: How are vendors selected, are there criteria?

Farmers and growers must be within a 150 mile radius of Media and grow/raise their own products. We prefer food artisans who source as many local ingredients as possible and whose products change with the seasons. Local sourcing means that ingredients were grown or raised on a local farm. For example, the following ingredients must be sourced from local farms: eggs; honey and maple syrup; cream or milk; and any seasonal produce, herbs, and mushrooms that can be grown in the region. Shopping at a “local” grocery store or restaurant supply store does not count as sourcing local products.

Q: How do you decide to add more vendors?

New vendors are usually added for two reasons: to fill a product gap in the market or to compensate for the current vendors selling out of product. If we are missing a product at the market, for example grass-fed beef or sustainably caught seafood, the most likely reason is because we have not met that kind of farmer or producer interested in attending the market. Before adding more competition to the current vendors, for example before adding more fruit or produce stands, we want to make sure that the current vendors are meeting their sales expectations. More customers will result in more vendors.

Q: Who is Farm to City?

Farm to City is our partner to ensure a robust selection of farmers and food artisans throughout the year. Farm to City operates local farmers markets that provide communities with a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products; our markets also feature foods made from local ingredients prepared by food artisans.

Q: Is the Media Farmers’ Market considered successful? How is it doing?

Yes! Compared to other farmers’ markets in the area, we are doing well, and we have the potential and support to be even more successful in the years to come. We’d be considered a medium-sized market, when it comes to the number of vendors. The customers at the market currently support seven local farmers, four bakeries, and several specialty food artisans. We’re also one of the few markets in the area that is open all year-round.

Q: I have comments, suggestions, complaints – to whom do I speak?

Speak with our Market Manager, Mary Allen She usually responds within 24 hours.

Q: How can I volunteer?

We love our volunteers! They are our Ambassadors of good will on behalf of our Media Farmers Market — now, year- round. Please reach out to Mary Allen,, who will gladly find you a spot on our team!