Media Farmers Market is Rain or Shine!

The Market is Rain or Shine!

The weather report is looking a little soggy for this weekend, but never fear – the Market is rain or shine! So break out your umbrella and galoshes and take advantage of all of our great produce and other products while they are still in season.

Hazel and Ash get Sweet and Spicy

Hazel and Ash will be at the Market this week with a new sauce, Sweet and Spicy! Come check it out and take a bottle (or three!) home with you. They can make suggestions for the best meat and veggie pairings for this sauce.

Padron pepeprs at Kneehigh Farm

Padron peppers are in at Kneehigh Farm! Never heard of padron peppers? Come check them out and have all your questions answered; including the best way to eat them! We hear blistered with local honey and salt is a favorite preparation at Kneehigh!

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